Collection and Project Management

Our 30 Years of experience in managing Art Collections is a resource from which our clients can draw. We can advise you on how to manage your collection from a single piece of artwork to an entire exhibition.

Using established best practices we can manage everything ranging from conservation to complex moves, to database management and documentation of collections for insurance purposes.

Invaluable Insight

When it comes to handling and protecting fine art collections — Elite Shelter Rock Arts long-standing reputation for quality and professionalism is second to none. Our extensive experience and intimate understanding of the essential elements of managing art collections of any size and value enables us to provide a truly holistic and comprehensive service.

Professional Partner

Our documentation and inventory management services provide a solid foundation for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of detailed information, allowing us to accommodate on-going record keeping of your growing collection — even across multiple or changing locations and regardless of size. Our highly secure database stores all of your collection related data including location, dimensions, images, maintenance, condition reports, and transactional history.
Elite Shelter Rock Arts uses collection management software to archive and track public and personal collections. Our Software is the leading collection management software in the industry and is used by major museums throughout the country.

Professional Appraisals

Elite Shelter Rock Arts has the experience and technical knowledge to accurately survey your entire collection — coordinating professional appraisals if necessary for all or part of your collection and providing a basis for ongoing data management, insurance or resale needs.

Secure Viewings

Elite Shelter Rock Arts will facilitate secure and discreet receiving, inspections and viewings of your shipments and inspection of your artwork including photography and professional condition reporting.

Exhibitions/Trade Shows/Art Fairs

Networked globally, Elite Shelter Rock Arts is an expert in the planning and detailed specifics concerning all aspects of traveling exhibitions and loans to museums or other institutions. This includes documentation and condition reporting, air & ground transportation, security, and storage.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

At Elite Shelter Rock Arts we fully understand the significance of being prepared. We provide extensive risk assessment and mitigation consulting for collectors spanning all aspects of pre and post-acquisition, including evaluation of safety, earthquake, flood, and security risk.

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