Elite Shelter Rock Arts Inc. has been managing Art Collections of All Sizes for 30 Years!

Elite Shelter Rock Arts is a multi-faceted storage facility which utilizes its space to create a well-balanced oxygenated environment that is conducive to artwork in all forms, textures, dimensions, and designs.

For thirty (30) years now, Elite Shelter Rock Arts, continues to meet the needs of museums, galleries, collectors and artists, offering an array of selective services to better manage and secure art collections, having the ability to foresee potential challenges that each artwork may face in a long-term care.

We offer a myriad of services that support our client’s needs, commencing with trust and reliability. Our experienced, talented, technical team are dedicated and equipped to provide the utmost meticulous installation, packing, and crating services.

Elite Shelter Rock is a vision come to fruition for the Founder and Owner, Oscar Romero, in 1989.

He commenced in the printing field and moved onto becoming an art handler for Keith Haring for many years, as well as Kenny Scharf and Tony Shafrazi Gallery.  Having had the opportunity to work and build relationships with a select legendary artists, his love and understanding of art became a profound and purposeful passion which led to his vision of creating a facility that preserves the art culture, is detail orientated, both innovative and efficient in the handling, installation and storing of a myriad art collections and dimensions.

Elite Shelter Rock Arts is committed to protecting the privacy of our client’s, collectors, galleries, artists and museums with the utmost confidentiality and discretion in securing art-work collections.

Client Confidentiality

Elite Shelter Rock Arts is dedicated to protecting your privacy with the utmost confidentiality and discretion as we secure your collection.

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